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CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!

You can book your Bellyprint appointment online in our Bookings calendar. Your deposit (£42,50) before booking will be charged with the choice of your Bellyprint during the appointment. Look here for the prices of the different materials, sizes and poses

The head office in Arnhem can create a picture with baby (up to 3mnd) and children (from 3 years), read more about this in the frequently asked questions.

Of course you are curious how your appointment will go , you will find a lot of answers in frequently asked questions.

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We have three locations; the headquarters, the mother-company is in Arnhem, Marije, Katja, Didi or Naomi, are there to make your 3D recording on Monday till Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and every other week on Saturday.


In the studio in Noord-Holland, Dian is the 3D Photographer, she works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on request on Saturday. Dian is pregnant 🥳, she has her leaf from 2 October ’21 till 6 February ’22


In our Studio in Haarlem is Lynn the one who works your appointment on Wednesday, Thursday en Friday


In our newest Studio in Drenthe, Nazca is the one taking your appointment, she is available on Thursday and Saturday, Nazca will wait with making Bellyprints with a head, hands from a partner or a baby or child, this can be done in the studio in Arnhem.

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