frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions have been answered below, if you have an unanswered question after reading, you can of course email

Questions about: BEFORE your appointment
When is the most beautiful time?

We recommend you make your bellyprint between week 32 and 36 of your pregnancy. In this period you have a beautiful babybump. And after week 36, you’re more likely to have given birth already. If you are pregnant with twins, the best time is a bit earlier, we advise on a multiple pregnancy between 28-32 weeks.

Do you have a waiting list?

It is advisable to make an appointment about 4-6 weeks in advance. We plan a timeblock so, everyone who comes to make a Bellyprint gets the time and attention. Many Mommy’s are planning ahead and sometimes you are lucky and there is a block of time available on the short-term.

Do I have to reserve?

Yes, we reserve a timeblock for you, it is not possible to walk in without an appointment. Reserve here

The payment of my reservation has been canceled, now the appointment I wanted to book is no longer available

I’m sorry you have lost your appointment, luckily we hold it for a while, you can find it in your shopping basket again, here you can complete the payment process. You can find your shopping basket here

Can I cancel my appointment?

You are legally entitled to do so within 14 days of your booking, provided that the cancellation is not within 14 days of the booked date. For medical reasons, it stays possible to cancel your appointment. If you don’t want to make your Bellyprint until 14 days before your appointment, the administration fee is £12.50. If you still wish to cancel within 14 days before your appointment, the deposit will be for your own account.

Is it dangerous for the baby?

No, absolutely not! We take about 2000 pictures you within one and a half minutes. Our 3D camera works with the same technology as a regular photo camera. Therefor it is absolutely not harmful to your baby. If you have epilepsy, it is not wise to make a Bellyprint. If you have it very lightly you can use an eye-mask It remains your own responsibility.

What does a Bellyprint with Children cost?

It is very special to capture child(ren) in a statue We have, especially for children, drawn up a few ‘rules’ for the various possibilities:

  • Baby’s up to 14 weeks
  • Children over 3 years old, it is important that they can sit still!

Why is this so important? Children under the age of 3 follow the camera during the 2-minute recording, it is no longer possible to make 1 beautiful heads After the recording, the finishing of the digital image is an important part, in which especially the details are so important. It takes time to do this well and carefully.

The cost is the rate of the bellyprint with hands (the prices of different sizes and materials are here)

Surcharge £250,- per baby/ child, more children is not a problem, because it is custom made every time, the surcharge is per person.

Because there are often specific questions, here are the surcharges:

With hand(s) of your partner, for this the extra charge is £40,-

Your 3D statue with head is very personal and unique, the extra charge is £70,-

Making your Bellyprint when you sit is £90,- extra charge

If you want to buy the digital file this costs £40,-


For the time being, it is only possible in Arnhem to immortalize your baby/children.

Whitewood Bellyprint
Questions about: DURING the appointment
What happens during an appointment ?

We discuss the materials and pose while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. We look at your pregnant belly, which pose suits you. We’ll capture you and see the digital result. We’ll also discuss the details you want to have soften. There are details in an image you’d rather have soften, such as cellulite, moles and scars.

I don't know what material I want, do I need to know it beforehand?

within your appointment you can look at all the materials and admire them in real life, so you can make your choice and we tell you about the material you have chosen.

here can you already look in forehand at all the possibilities we have en the prices

Can I choose the color myself?

You choose the color and material. We have all the colors and materials that we can deliver in our studio.

What should I bring?

We recommend that you bring a smooth bra and a string, both shouldent be too tight If you want to keep something on during the 3D recording, you can have that choice because you brought your own stuff with you. And can you bring a dressing gown or a bathrobe?

Do I need to think about anything else?

If you have thought about your underwear, there is nothing you need to think about.

Is a Bellyprint always made naked?

It’s always your choice whether you’re naked. During your appointment, we will show you examples of the effect of keeping your underwear, you always make your choice, you must feel good at the time of the appointment and also when your statue is in your living room.

If I have cellulite on my thighs, can you alter that?

We always edit the image, in consultation with you. If you want to soften nipples, we alter this on your 3D Image, also cellulite on your thighs or moles, etc. we can brush it all away. We don’t change your form, but it can be the best version of yourself Plus, the 3D scanner, which we work with, is incredibly accurate, great for detail but not every detail have to be seen.

How long does it take to create a Bellyprint?

The appointment will take about an hour, in which we discuss the materials and pose. We look at your pregnant belly, which pose suits you. We’ll capture you and see the digital result. We’ll also discuss the details you want to have soften.

Can I pay with card or cash?

You can pay with card and cash We prefer card

Questions about: AFTER the appointment

How long does it take for me to receive my Bellyprint?

Depending on the material, it takes between 6 and15 weeks A Bellyprint which is metallcoated, has a longer production timeas a basicprint which comes out ‘ready and ready’ from the printer

Do I have to pick it up or send you too?

We send you Bellyprint, you pay the handling costs. It is only possible to pick-up your Bellyprint in person, in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Questions about: GIFT CERTIFICATES

Do you have gift vouchers?

We also have giftcards, if you

  • send the name of the preggo
  • the due date
  • the amount you want to give

and of course the address where you want to receive the gift card,

send us by mail and we will send it to you. The gift card is a double-folded card where you can write your personal wish for the mom-to-be on the inside. We will send your invoice digitally, it must be paid before we post the gift card. It is (of course) possible, for the mom-to-be to choose an other material and pay or receive the change.